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Plaça Major, 12, Bellver de Cerdanya - 25720
Phone: 973 510 016
Fax: 973 510 247


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AMPA CEIP Mare de Déu de Talló

WEB: http://ampabellvercerdanya.wordpress.com

PLAFÓ INFORMATIU: plafó d'anuncis de l'escola

EMAIL: ampabellver@hotmail.com

Address: Carrer de les Escoles, 2-8, 25720

Phone: 973 510 437 – 686 534 593

AMPA Children's Home Bellver de Cerdanya

Address: Carrer de les Escoles, 2-8, 25720

Phone: 646 224 051 – 619 492 526

Hunting Club La Batllia

  xml:lang="ca"> </ Span> </ Div>

xml:lang="ca"> And if we go back even further back, we can talk about that game, along with sheep, were the economic activities allowing the survival of the first settlers Cerdanya in the Neolithic; there are remains of wild boar with various utensils found in the archaeological excavations of the caves of Bor and other sites in the region.</ Span> </ div>
xml:lang="ca"> But keeping to Bellver, we find that from the exact time of its legal constitution as a village in 1225, Count of Cerdanya Nunó Sanç grants his people who can use and dispose of the water and mountains, and therefore animals that inhabit the bellverencs privilege jealously over the course of the year </ span> </ div>

Address: Carrer de les Escoles, 2-8, 25720

Phone: 973 511 106

Riu de l'Ingla Fishing Club


lang="ca" Ríu de l'Ingla Fishing Club is located in Bellver of Cerdanya.  It is 37 years old and has gone from 140 initial to 463 members present. The club has 47 km of rivers where you can fish, of which the principal is Segre, with 11 km .Followers l 'Ingla, with 12 km, Ridolaina, with 10 km, and that of Fou de Bor, with 4 km, and Duran with 10 km.Rivers of Pedra and Pi are fishing lodges.</ Span> </ span> </ p>

"es" xml: In these rivers there is a high population of local trout and fario, as the club is carefully maintaining an adequate stocking in order to respect the environment. To carry out this stocking, the club has a fishing farm where, voluntarily, local trout is breeding due to spawning trout which has been captured during the fresh nights in the fishing period. </ Span> </ p>

Address: Carrer de les Escoles, 2-8, 25720

Phone: 973 510 318

E-mail: riudelingla@ctv.es

Bellver Sports Club

Address: Carrer de les Escoles, 2-8, 25720

Phone: 693209783

Club Esportiu Pyrene

El Club Esportiu Pyrene som una entitat que estimem els Pirineus i el volem posar a labast de
tothom. Organitzem activitats durant tot lany, amb camp base a Cerdanya, amb una vocació
oberta i inclusiva mantenint el tracte proper i familiar.
Volem facilitar el descobriment dels Pirineus a nens, joves, famílies i grups. Ens agrada fer-ho
amb esquís, a cavall, en bicicleta o a peu, respectant el medi natural.
Som conscients de la qualitat educativa de les nostres accions. Les experiències que proposem
són excepcionals, i sabem que perduraran al llarg de la nostra vida, generant valors,
comportaments i estils de vida.
Creiem que el valor dallò que fem dependrà de amb qui ho fem: les nostres activitats i
programes els duran a terme un equip de professionals qualificats i amb experiència, que alhora
siguin seguidors dels valors del Club.

Address: Carrer de les escoles 2-8, 25720

Phone: 659 642 794

E-mail: info@clubpyrene.com

Web: http://coloniesestiupyrene.com - http://clubesquipyrene.com

Bellver Ski Club


It was in the year 1987 when two families met, on a snowy day February in the village of Font Romeu.  The two families were going to ski, each on their own. And as usual, when it comes to men and women, from one year to another, the equipment was not appropriate anymore: boots, poles, skis, bindings. And that was almost new! </ P>

As the day was cold and shivery, they gathered in a Land Rover Cazorla 6 cyl., Very, very, very big!And there, as they were deciding to rent the equipment, others, to verify something, said, "If we had a club, we would be more organized!
</ p>

Address: Carrer de les Escoles, 2-8, 25720

Phone: 678 694 471

Roller Hockey Club

Address: Carrer de les Escoles, 2-8, 25720

Phone: 973 511 127 – 609 265 074

Web: www.hoqueibellver.cat

Irrigators Community

Address: Carrer de les Escoles, 2-8, 25720

Phone: 973 510 077 – 620 513 695

Cerdà Women from the Rural World

Address: Carrer de les Escoles, 2-8, 25720

Phone: 689 902 769

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